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Class Resources

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Everyday Algebra

So you don't think you will ever use algebra outside of school?WRONG!
Math is all around you!
Algebra, especially, is used in many everyday occurrences.



Let's say you need to buy a NEW XBox 360. You have $800 to spend on everything. You know a new system costs $400 and extra controller $40. Assuming a game costs $60 how many games could you get?

Let x= the number of Games

$800 = $400 + $40 +$60x
x = 6 Games

You have enough money to buy 6 games!

What if you are trying to figure out what grade you need on your test in order to get a B in your physics class. So far you have received the following grades: 90%, 75% and 83%. You want your final grade to be at least an 80%.

Let x= the grade you get on your last test

80% = (90% + 75% + 83% + x)÷4
.80 = (.90+.75+.83+x)÷4
.8×4 = 2.48 + x
3.2 - 2.48 = x
x = .72

You have to get a 72% or higher to get a B in the class!

Lesson of the Week

This week we are learning to FOIL!But no, not aluminum foil.
We have already learned the distributive process dealing with a single variable times a binomials - now we extend that concept to multiplying two binomials.

When you have to multiply two binomials together you FOIL!

First - Multiply the first term in each set of parenthesis
Outer - Multiply the outer term in each set of parenthesis
Inner - Multiply the inner term in each set of parenthesis
Last - Multiply the last term in each set of parenthesis

Let's try it!

We will start by multiplying the first terms together and marking our answer below:
Next we will multiply the outer terms and add that to our previous answer:
Do the same for the inner terms:
Finally we add the product of the last terms:
Now we can add like terms to get our final answer:

Previous Lessons

Parabolas: The following notebook introduces the basic concepts of graphing and interpreting changes in parabolas

Algebra Songsto help you remember those tricky algebra facts

Slope Song Slope it's the rise over the run; the distance up and down divided by the distance side to side.
As the line moves from left to right, the positive slopes go up and the negative slopes go down.
Y2-Y1 goes in the numerator, X2-X1 is the denominator.

Quadratic Formula Song

Additional Resources

The following links provide more references to further your learning!
**Math is Fun**
**Purple Math**

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