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What is Calculus?

Cal⋅cu⋅lus Pronounced: [kal-kyuh-luhs]
Not pronounced like this:

This is a movie clip from Stand and Deliver, a movie we will watch later in the year!

Calculus is considered advanced mathematics because it incorporates concepts from algebra, geometry and trigonometry (all subjects you have taken!). Calculus mainly deals will derivation and integration, two concepts you will have mastered by the end of the year!

Everyday Calculus

While calculus seems like something you will never use again after high school, it actually is used everyday in many professions.So Pay Attention! You might need this stuff in the future.

Calculus especially is used to find rates of change.
This information is very useful in many professions.


When an insurance company needs to decide how much to charge for their policies, they use calculus to find vital information such as death rates.

Physicists use calculus everyday to find velocity and acceleration.

Engineers often use the calculus concept of integrating to design things like airplanes.

Many athletes like to know the speed of their actions. For example the speed a football leaves the foot of the field goal kicker or the speed a batter hits the baseball. This can easily be calculated using calculus

Using calculus you can determine what the dimensions of a box should be in order to make it hold the most stuff!

Lesson of the Week
The Quotient Rule

So far we have learned the Chain Rule and the Product Rule. But what happens when you are taking the derivative of a radical?

That is where the Quotient Rule comes in!

This is the Quotient Rule:

How do you get that?
Let our function y = f(x)/g(x). Then,
Looks hard to remember?
Don't Sweat It!

We will learn a fun song in class to remember the process.
(Preview the song in the video section below)

Tips for Success
  • Memorize the Quotient Rule: You will be using it a lot!
  • Remember that a constant factor can be taken out in front of the derivative to make your calculations easier.
  • A function of the form f(x)=1/g(x) can be rewritten as f(x)= [g(x)]˜¹ if you prefer the chain rule over the quotient rule.
  • Avoid common errors! Don't forget about Chain Rule when using Quotient Rule! Occasionally they are combined.

Review your basic calculus skills with this Calculus Pre-Quiz:

Calculus Songs to help you remember those tricky calculus facts

"I Will Derive" Song To get velocity, you need the slope of the tangent line - so DERIVE!

Quotient Rule Song

Additional Resources

The following links provide more references to further your learning!
**SOS Math**

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