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Class Resources

Please take advantage of this page to help you be successful in our class!
  • Calendar
    • Homework assignments
    • Test and quiz dates
  • Syllabus
    • Expectations
    • Grading Scale
    • Point Distribution
    • Course Goals
  • Class Book
    • This link provides many resources specific to our class
      • Guided lessons
      • Extra examples
      • Self-check quizzes
  • Grade Report
    • Check your trigonometry grade here
      • Grades updated weekly

Trigonometry Songsto help you remember those tricky trigonometry facts

Ratio Song This song can help you remember the trigonometry triangle ratios that can be difficult to learn. However, watch this video once or twice and they will be hard to forget!

Trigonometry Love Story
This link will bring you to a trigonometry video based off the popular Taylor Swift song, "Love Story." Lyrics have been modified to relate to the identities you must learn in trigonometry.

Lesson of the Week
To prepare you for class this week, please open the following Excel document and take the quiz. The quiz covers the conversion from radians to degrees and basic facts about the unit circle. We will be using such facts in our studies this week, so refresh your memory!

Additional Resources
Click here for a great list of available podcasts and videos!
The following links provide more references to further your learning!
**Trigonometry Help**
**Math.com: Trig**

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